Marktanalyse der deutschen Balkonkraftwerke im Jahr 2023

Market analysis of German balcony power plants in 2023


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In 2023, the balcony power plant market in Germany experienced a significant increase in installation numbers due to simplified VDE regulations, government support and growing awareness of renewable energy, marking an important step towards sustainable energy supply.

The German photovoltaics industry experienced an impressive upswing in 2023, especially in the balcony power plant segment. Current market data shows that the installation of balcony power plants in Germany has skyrocketed to around 270,000 units. What is striking is that only 29% of users actually mount their photovoltaic modules on the balcony railings.

The balcony photovoltaic system industry experienced a significant growth spurt in 2023. The number of solar panels in operation has quadrupled compared to 2012. The Federal Network Agency reports that newly installed solar capacity is expected to reach 14.1 GW in 2023, with around 260,000 plug-in balcony modules recorded in the market master data register. It should be emphasized that the total number of newly installed solar systems in 2023 will be around 1,038,000, of which plug-in solar systems such as balcony modules account for around 273,000.

The market for balcony solar panels in Germany is thus showing strong growth and remarkable acceptance among consumers, supported by affordable prices starting from 500 euros and attractive government policies. PV Magazine China data shows that nearly half of Germany's newly added solar capacity in 2023 will be residential. The German Solar Industry Association reports an increase in newly installed solar capacity of around 85% compared to the previous year, which underlines the dynamics of the market.

According to Xinhua, new solar systems installed to generate electricity or heat in 2023 exceeded one million, reaching a historic high. Germany now has around 3.7 million solar systems, which generated 62 billion kilowatt hours of electricity last year, covering 12% of the country's total electricity consumption.

The installation of balcony solar panels has seen significant growth, particularly in the Berlin region, partly due to an increase in the budget for photovoltaic subsidies by the Berlin Senate. Since 2022, the number of households with solar and storage systems has increased by 52%, demonstrating the German population's increased interest in solar energy.

The VDE regulations for balcony photovoltaic systems were simplified in 2023 and the power limit was increased to 800W, enabling cheaper and more efficient installation and thus promoting the spread of microinverters and household storage.

Overall, there is a very positive picture for the German market for balcony power plants in 2023. The combination of simplified VDE regulations, government support and increased awareness of renewable energies suggests that the industry will continue to develop strongly. With the changes in legislation, in particular the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which promotes the use of balcony solar systems, Germany has taken an important step towards a more sustainable energy supply and aims to achieve at least 80% of its electricity needs by 2030 renewable energies.

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