Q1: How long does shipping take for express products?

A: We use DHL for express shipping. We usually ship within two working days of placing the order. Delivery within Germany is expected in around 2-3 working days. For other EU countries the delivery time could take 1-2 working days longer.

Q2: How are solar panels transported?

A: Solar panels are long and heavy. We commission local freight companies in Germany to carry out the transport. Before transport, the solar modules are packaged separately, especially for balcony photovoltaic solutions and not entire pallets of photovoltaic modules. For this transport we need your telephone number.

Q3: Are there any differences in shipping for full pallets of solar panels?

A: We also use freight companies for entire pallets of solar panels. However, we require your telephone number in advance to allow advance notice before dispatch and to ensure that you can be reached by telephone to arrange delivery.

Q4: How does self-collection of orders work?

A: If you decide to collect the order yourself, you can do so on the second working day after the order confirmation from our warehouse. Pickup time is recommended between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The products are provided in the original packaging condition, without additional external packaging.

Q5: Is there anything to pay attention to when the goods are delivered?

A: Please check carefully whether the outer packaging is damaged when you receive the goods. If this is the case, we recommend refusing acceptance or making a corresponding note upon acceptance. Then open the packaging immediately and check whether there is any damage. In case of any problem, please contact us immediately and send relevant pictures.

Q6: Are there any special requirements for transporting solar panels for self-collection?

A: For self-collection of solar panels, we recommend checking the available space in the vehicle in advance and preparing appropriate transportation and impact protection materials to avoid damage during transportation.

More questions?

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