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Anker Balcony Power Plant Solution(E1600 storage with MI80 microinverter and cable)

Anker Balcony Power Plant Solution(E1600 storage with MI80 microinverter and cable)

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  • 梅尔能量; LESS COST: Anker SOLIX solar bank stores 1.6kWh of energy to power your home for 15 years. Thanks to long-lasting LFP batteries, you save up to €2,670 over the lifespan of the solar bank.
  • SMART CONTROL WITH MI80 MICROINVERTER: Store exactly the energy you need, from 100W to 800W, and see all the changes in seconds.
  • 安装和能源管理: 系统安装仅需 5 分钟,即可实现一体化设计并通过 Anchor 应用程序进行控制。
  • MI80 MICROINVERTER 升级 TO 800W: No new purchase necessary, simply upgrade via 无线升级.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Solar bank、2× MC4 cable (3m)、4× solar module extension cable (3m)、MI80 微型逆变器、Schuko cable (5m)、User manual。

The Anker SOLIX solar power storage system 1600Wh is designed to promote your independence from conventional power sources and at the same time reduce environmental impact. With a capacity of 1600 watt hours (Wh), this solar power storage system offers enough energy to power your electrical devices and household needs。

1. High Capacity :With a capacity of 1600Wh, the SOLIX can power a variety of devices, from 智能手机和笔记本电脑之二为小家电。 You can even use it to power your camping adventure.

2. Store solar energy efficiently : This solar power storage system is designed to store solar energy efficiently and release it when needed电池的使用情况

3. 结构和用途: 整体设计和整体设计是 SOLIX 运输和安装的基础。 It is perfect for use in motorhomes, boats, garden sheds and other places where an independent power source is required.

4. Reliable performance: SOLIX solar power storage is equipped with high-quality batteries and a smart control that maximizes energy efficiency and extends the life of the batteries. It offers reliable performance and ensures you always have access to clean energy.

5. By using and storing solar energy, you are actively reducing your carbon emissions and helping to protect our environment.

6. Easy to use : The SOLIX solar power storage is user-friendly and easy to operate. It has interfaces and displays that show you the status and charging status at a glance.

Anker SOLIX MI80 micro inverter


Input data (DC)

  • Recommended PV solar module power range (STC):300Wp-730Wp+
  • Peak power tracking voltage:28V-45V
  • Type: 16V-60V
  • 最大电压:60 V
  • Maximum input current:20A × 2
  • Isc PV:25A×2

奥斯冈斯日期 (AC)

  • 最大限度。 Continuous output power: 799 VA
  • Rated output voltage/range (1):230V/184-253V
  • Rating: 3.5 A
  • Rated output frequency/range (1):50Hz/47.5Hz-51.5Hz
  • 兴趣系数:0.99


  • Rating: 97.30%
  • 提名 MPPT efficiency:99.50%
  • 夜间功率:20 mW


  • Operating ambient temperature range (2): -40°C 至 65°C
  • Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Size (W × H × D):263mm × 218mm × 36.5mm
  • 重量:2.8公斤
  • DC connector type:史陶比尔 MC4 PV-ADBP4-S2&ADSP4-S2
  • Cooling: Natural convection, no fans
  • Rating: IP67


  • 通信 (Inverter to ECU):集成 WLAN 和蓝牙
  • 隔离设计:High-frequency transformers, galvanically isolated
  • 能源管理:能源管理分析系统 (EMA)
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