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Anker balcony power plants with storage, solar bank E1600 1600Wh with microinverter 800W (Anker or APSystems)

Anker balcony power plants with storage, solar bank E1600 1600Wh with microinverter 800W (Anker or APSystems)

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Here is a great solution for a photovoltaic system on the balcony! With our Anker battery, specially designed for balcony photovoltaic systems, and Apsystems' latest micro inverter, which offers stable performance, you can design your own customized system. Simply choose from various brands and models of solar panels online ranging from 300 to 550 watts to meet your needs and create an eco-friendly home. Start designing your own sustainable energy source today!

The Anker SOLIX solar power storage 1600Wh is an innovative solution for the efficient use of solar energy. This compact and powerful storage is designed to promote your independence from traditional power sources while reducing your environmental impact. With a capacity of 1600 watt hours (Wh), this solar power storage provides enough energy to power your electrical devices and household needs.

1. High Capacity : With a capacity of 1600Wh, the SOLIX can power a variety of devices, from smartphones to laptops to small household appliances. You can even use it to power your camping adventure.

2. Store solar energy efficiently : This solar power storage is designed to store solar energy efficiently and release it when needed. It can be connected to solar panels or other renewable energy sources to collect solar energy and store it for later use.

3. Portable and Lightweight : With a compact design and light weight, the SOLIX is easy to transport and install. It is perfect for use in RVs, boats, garden sheds and other places where an independent power source is required.

4. Reliable performance: The SOLIX solar power storage is equipped with high-quality batteries and intelligent control that maximizes energy efficiency and extends the life of the batteries. It offers reliable performance and ensures you always have access to clean energy.

5. Environmentally friendly : By using and storing solar energy, you are actively helping to reduce your carbon emissions and helping to protect our environment.

6. Easy to use
: The SOLIX solar power storage is user-friendly and easy to use. It has interfaces and displays that show you the status and charging status at a glance.

With the Anker SOLIX solar power storage 1600Wh you can increase your energy independence, reduce your electricity and make a contribution to protecting the environment. Whether you're looking for a solution for emergency power outages, camping trips, or power in remote locations, this solar power storage provides the energy you need when you need it most. Invest in a clean, sustainable future with the Anker SOLIX solar power storage 1600Wh.

Technical details

1600Wh – capacity
800W - max input power (charging)/rated output power (discharging)
30A max - input current/output current
11 60V - voltage range/rated voltage range
MC4 - input port/output port
Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz WLAN - wireless connection
IP65 – water protection class
055℃ - charging temperature
-2055℃ - discharge temperature
420×232×240mm – dimensions
20kg – weight
LiFePO4 - battery type

APsystems EZ1-M microinverter 800W

Or (Choose one of two)

Anker Mi80 microinverter

Technical details:

Connected load: 800 watts

Peak efficiency: 97.3%

Protection class: IP67

Energy measurement with integrated WLAN / Bluetooth

Operating temperature: -40-65°C

18 & DIN VDE V 0124-100/06.20

Robust cast aluminum housing

Controllable via app!

AP Easy Power allows users to register a maximum of 2 EZ1 microinverters per system online to access their solar production anywhere, anytime.

Plug and play

Quick installation and wiring

Direct connection with Bluetooth real-time monitoring

Online diagnostics and maintenance

Scope of delivery :

1x solar bank

2x MC4 cable (3m)
4x solar panel extension cable (3m)
1x user manual

1x APS EZ1-M microinverter or Anker Mi80 microinverter (The technical specifications of the two products are identical)

1x Anschuluss cable with Schuko plug (5m)

Power cable (optional)
Cable cross section: 3x15mm2 FN-3G1.5L5-SH
Cable length: 5m as standard
Plug type: Schuko

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