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Hermesdeals Solar Balcony Power Plant Solar Panel Balcony Hook - Round Hook

Hermesdeals Solar Balcony Power Plant Solar Panel Balcony Hook - Round Hook

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The solar module holder is specially designed for use on balconies. With a fixed tilt angle of 30°, it offers optimal performance for photovoltaic panels. The tripod is made of high quality Al6005-T5 and SUS304 material, which is known for its durability and corrosion resistance.

The panels can be mounted in landscape mode and the tripod can be used up to a maximum width of 1150 mm.

The adjustable solar panel bracket is made of 100% aluminum including the Balcony Tripod is a reliable and efficient solution for your balcony solar system.

It is completely pre-assembled and can simply be unfolded and secured to the balcony.

For the exact dimensions, see our component list with details of the different aluminum leg lengths.

Designed according to DIN 1055. Withstand wind speeds of up to 30 m/s and snow loads of up to 1 kN/m².

Technical data:

Type: Solar Balcony Stand

Application: balcony

Tilt angle: fixed 30°

Material: Al6005-T5 and SUS304

Panel orientation landscape

Maximum panel width: 1150 mm

Construction standard: DIN 1055

Maximum wind speed: 30 m/s

Max. snow load: 1 kN/m²

Quantity/Box: 1 set (2 pieces)

Box size: 1180 x 125 x 90 mm

According to VAT 2023, Section 12 ABS applies to the purchase of the following item. 3 USTG certain conditions:

• The buyer confirms that as a private customer he will purchase the item exclusively for private purposes.

• The article is intended for the purpose of installing a photovoltaic system in Germany.

• The total size of the system must not exceed 30 kilowatt peak (KWP).

• The buyer undertakes not to resell the purchased item commercially.

The price calculation does not include VAT (0% VAT). Companies are charged an additional sales tax of 19% on the stated price.

It should be noted that the customer may be held liable for incorrect information regarding the installation of the photovoltaic system.

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