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POWERNESS 1166Wh 1000W Powerstation Portable Solar Generator Camping Emergency Power

POWERNESS 1166Wh 1000W Powerstation Portable Solar Generator Camping Emergency Power

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The portable power station Powerness Hiker U1000 is a power storage device for camping, outdoor and home use. The capacity is 1166.4Wh (54Ah 21.6V 1000W output) and the peak power 2000W.

  • Higher quality Sine waves Inverter.
  • Versatile power inputs for all devices.
  • Up to Charge 13 devices at the same time.
  • LCD display for the performance overview.
  • Nearly silently through the insulation.
  • Easy to carry with foldable handle (14 kg).

Suitable for all situations:

  • electricity costs in your home to reduce .
  • Perfect for Outdoor activities, camping and traveling.
  • Reliable power in emergency situations like blackouts or power outages.

Grid-independent and reliable electricity.

Our power stations offer you one reliable option disconnected from public electricity networks to generate electricity. This means you can still protect yourself in emergency situations such as blackouts or normal power outages rely on you to have electricity.

Saves electricity costs and energy costs.

She save energy costs at your home and have one at the same time mobile and reliable power source.

Sustainable for a clean environment & future.

Go against climate change before and reduce your carbon footprint when you generate renewable energy from our sun.

  • Sustainable energy production
  • Independent from gas and oil
  • Lower carbon footprint


Intelligent LCD display:

With our patented LCD display you always have it optimal overview about the Performance of your power station.

BMS system:

The BMS (Battery Management System) takes care of your safety and security at all times protects Her Device from any potential risk.

✔️ Temperature control
✔️ Surge protection
✔️ Short circuit protection
✔️ Overcurrent protection
✔️ Low voltage protection

Wireless charging:

Need to find the right cable to charge your phone?

Our power station has one wireless charging station, Just place your phone on the designated area and enjoy wireless charging!

Foldable handle:

Fold and unfold the built-in handle within seconds.

  • Easy to wear
  • Saves space in the trunk
  • Compact design

The Powerness Hiker U1000 is the greatest compromise in the Hiker series. The power station is compact, weighs 11.8kg and can still operate most common devices with up to 2000W. Like its big brother, the outputs are very powerful. Be it as an emergency power generator, camping power station or as an XXL power bank for everyday use, the Hiker U1000 is very versatile. The limit of this power station can be stretched almost to infinity under optimal conditions in combination with the optional Powerness solar cells.

Capacity: 1166Wh / 54Ah 21.6V
Max. continuous power: 1000W 230V 50Hz
Max. peak power: 2000W
Battery type: Lithium ion
Outputs: 2x EU socket outlets 230V 50Hz | 2x DC outputs 12V/5A | 1x cigarette lighter 12V/10A | 2x USB QC 3.0
2x USB 5V/2.4A | 1x USB Type C: PD 100W (input & output) | 1x USB Type C: PD 27W
Charging cycles: >1200 (80% capacity)
Loading speed: Charger 8h | Charger + USB-C 4.5h | 120W solar cell 8h in the sun
Dimensions: 34cm x 23cm x 21cm
Weight: 11.8kg

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