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POWERNESS M01 balcony power station storage 1536Wh

POWERNESS M01 balcony power station storage 1536Wh

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M01 balcony power plant storage

MPPT controller integrated
Maximum input power 1000W
Compatible with 99% of all balcony power plants
6000+ charging cycles & 15 year lifespan
Protection class IP65, can be used both on the balcony and outdoors
Capacity of 1536Wh
5 year guarantee
Easy installation
Maximize the use of solar energy by combining it with our balcony batteries.

This offer applies exclusively to customers from Germany. If you are based outside of Germany, we are happy to offer you a tailor-made offer. We encourage you to contact our customer support for further information. Our team is at your disposal. Thank you.

Scope of delivery:
1 × Powerness M01 balcony power plant battery 1,536kwh

*The M01 has a maximum input power of 1000W. Two of our solar panels can produce an average of 900 kWh of electricity per year. Taking into account the service life and conversion efficiency, the average self-consumption rate of solar panels is usually about 40%. By using the M01, this self-consumption rate can be increased to a range of 50 to 90%.

*With the M01 and our balcony power plant you can save 900kWh x 40% x 0.4€/kWh = 144€
You can only save with the balcony power plant, 900kWh x 90% x 0.4€/kWh = 324€
Annual electricity cost savings through the
Balcony power plant storage = €324-€144 = €180

*The cost of Powerness M01 is 879 euros. Annual inflation rate: 6.2%

*Remaining amount after purchasing the balcony power station storage = electricity cost savings - remaining amount after purchasing the balcony power station storage

Transform your balcony into a green energy center!

Setting up the balcony power storage system with the M01 is as easy as the multiplication tables. You don't have to be a professional electrician to set it up.
The M01 is compatible with 99% of all popular inverters on the market, including brands such as Deye, Hoymiles and Tsun. This comprehensive compatibility allows every user to set up their own small green balcony solar storage system without much effort.

With its IP65 certification, the M01 is optimal
Protected from dust and water

This means you can place the storage anywhere without hesitation, be it on the balcony or in the garden. No matter what the weather, you can trust that your battery will always perform and deliver reliably.

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