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PV system 10kW/10kwh complete set WEESS Zugspitze home energy storage system

PV system 10kW/10kwh complete set WEESS Zugspitze home energy storage system

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10KW Complete set of PV system WEESS Zugspitze Home energy storage system

Your advantages:

Modular stacking design, plug-and-play installation, easy as LEGO bricks

Modern style, no messy cables visible, perfect for your home

Easily expandable, whether solar modules or battery capacity

More independence from energy production
Safe and long-lasting lithium-ion technology
Long service life of up to 25 years (solar modules)
LifePo4 batteries with a lifespan of 10 years and number of cycles well over 8000

Monitor your energy production and usage in real time.

The complete set includes a WiFi module for real-time Internet monitoring. The ability to log directly into the inverter using various devices such as laptops, smartphones or PCs means you always have a clear overview of the energy yield, financial benefits and environmental impact. The flexibility of the system enables electricity to be generated for personal use in a variety of locations such as balconies, facades, carports and roofs. With an average annual production of 10K kWh and a total output of 10320 watts peak, you can generate up to 50 kWh per day. The system is also characterized by its freedom from maintenance, high-quality workmanship, affordable costs and sustainable orientation.

By installing this system, you ensure independence from the fluctuations in electricity prices from energy suppliers. The system is designed to generate electricity efficiently even in diffuse lighting conditions such as cloudy or rainy skies, thus ensuring a continuous and free power supply. In addition, the mounting materials can be individually adapted and are also available individually upon request. An integrated current sensor monitors the current flow and regulates the storage or release of excess electricity from the photovoltaic system into the lithium battery. This intelligent control ensures optimal use of the electricity generated and maximizes your independence from external power sources

Experience the next level of energy independence with the solar system complete set (10.32 kWp). This set is not only an investment in clean energy, but also in your financial future. It offers a comprehensive solution for getting started with solar energy, with everything you need for a smooth start. Installation is straightforward and the set is ready to use straight away, so you can quickly take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

Technical parameters (Zugspitze energy storage system)

  • AC rated output power: 10,000W
  • Nominal network frequency and nominal voltage: 50/60Hz, adaptable to different voltage variants
  • Network system: three-phase
  • Energy capacity: Variable from 10.32kWh to 20.48kWh, depending on the number of battery modules
  • Battery type: Long-lasting and safe LFP technology
  • Dimensions and weight: Adaptable depending on module configuration, with a weight between 181kg and 288kg
  • Communication interfaces: Various options through CAN, RS485, WLAN/Ethernet via Smart Dongle
  • Protection class: IP65 for dust and water jet protection
  • Relative humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing, for reliable operation in various environmental conditions
  • Certifications: Meets various IEC, EN, VDE, and UN standards
  • Warranty: Extensive 10-year guarantee
  • Integrated inverter: Supports up to 13000W PV input power, offers fast switching times in emergency mode and high efficiencies
  • Battery modules: With rated voltage of up to 409.6V, support various operating voltages and are designed for natural cooling

Technical parameters (mounting system):

  • Material: AL6005-T5, SUS304/SUS410
  • Module orientation: Landscape and portrait format
  • Surface treatment: Anodized
  • Applicable module thickness: 30mm-40mm
  • Module: Framed
  • Guarantee: ten years
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