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1720W balcony power plant with anchor solar bank dual system 3200WH, mini PV system

1720W balcony power plant with anchor solar bank dual system 3200WH, mini PV system

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The longest lasting balcony solar system in the world
Storage batteries with 6,000 charging cycles
Self-installation of the entire system in just 2 hours
Real-time analysis via the Anker app

Annual power generation of 1720kWh: Four 430W solar panels work together to increase maximum power production to 1700 watts. Less electricity is wasted because an efficiency of 23% is achieved.

Savings of up to €545 per year: You can save money by using stored solar energy to power your home at night, especially when electricity prices are high!

Long lifespan and guarantee: The solar bank offers 15 years of power thanks to its LFP battery cells, industrial construction, IP65 weather resistance and a 10-year guarantee. The PV modules remain operational for 30 years and are backed by a 25-year guarantee.

Smart App Control: Customizable performance settings. Electricity data and CO2 savings in real time

Ready for 800W: If the watt limit increases, you can upgrade your microinverter from 600W to 800W at any time via the Anker app.

Storage battery with 6,000 charging cycles: Each solar bank has household-level LFP batteries. If you pair two of them, you can easily supply your home with 3.2kWh of electricity.

Self-installation of the entire system in just 2 hours: save yourself expensive electrician costs. The Plug&Play system can be set up in just 2 hours.

Surname Balcony power plants with anchor Solix solar bank dual system (1720W | 3200Wh)
Width x depth x height (mm)
1762x1134x30 per solar panel
material IBC with 25% efficiency
Weight (kg)
Solar panel 22 x 4
Solar bench 20 x 2
Micro inverter | Micro inverter 2.7 x 1
Schuko cable | Schuko cable 0.5 x 1
Area of ​​application
Area of ​​application
Item type
Item type
Energy storage + solar module
Annual energy production
Annual Energy Generation
Electricity bill savings per year
charging cycles
Life expectancy and guarantee
Solar bank: 15 year lifespan and 10 year guarantee
PV panels: 30-year lifespan and 25-year guarantee

Important NOTE:

According to VAT 2023, Section 12 ABS applies to the purchase of the following item. 3 USTG certain conditions:

• The buyer confirms that as a private customer he will purchase the item exclusively for private purposes.

• The article is intended for the purpose of installing a photovoltaic system in Germany.

• The total size of the system must not exceed 30 kilowatt peak (KWP).

• The buyer undertakes not to resell the purchased item commercially.

The price calculation does not include VAT (0% VAT). Companies are charged an additional sales tax of 19% on the stated price.

It should be noted that the customer may be held liable for incorrect information regarding the installation of the photovoltaic system.

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