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ANKER SOLIX MI80 800W inverter with Schuko cable

ANKER SOLIX MI80 800W inverter with Schuko cable

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  • Anker SOLIX MI80 micro inverter

800W micro inverter limited to 600W with free OTA update
Industry-leading peak efficiency of 97.3%
Plug & Play with 5m Schuko plug
Smart real-time monitoring via Anker app
10 year manufacturer's warranty


  • 1x 600W/800W micro inverter|1x 5m Schuko charging cable


The Anker MI80 microinverter allows uncomplicated, approval-free registration with an output of less than 600W. The upgrade from 600W to 800W can be done without having to order a new microinverter. Installation is child's play.


The industry-leading technology cleverly reduces losses, improves efficiency and achieves an industry-leading peak efficiency of a whopping 97.3% compared to the traditional flyback concept.

Power consumption

The inverter can handle a maximum power consumption of 1460 watts from the solar modules. This ensures that the inverter can harness the power of the solar panels and convert it into vital electricity for your home or business.

App control

With the smart app, you can always easily keep an eye on the amount of electricity generated and all CO₂ savings.

Technical data:

Input data (DC)

Recommended PV solar module power range (STC): 300Wp-730Wp+

Peak power tracking voltage: 28V-45V

Operating voltage range: 16V-60V

Maximum input voltage: 60V

Maximum input current: 20A × 2

Isc PV: 25A × 2

Output data (AC)

Max. continuous output power: 799 VA

Rated output voltage/range (1): 230V/184-253V

Rated output current: 3.5A

Rated output frequency/range (1): 50Hz/47.5Hz-51.5Hz

Power factor: 0.99


Highest efficiency: 97.30%

Nominal MPPT efficiency: 99.50%

Night power consumption: 20 mW

Mechanical data

Operating ambient temperature range (2): -40°C to 65°C

Storage temperature range: -40°C to 85°C

Dimensions (W × H × D): 263mm × 218mm × 36.5mm

Weight: 2.8kg

DC connector type: Stäubli MC4 PV-ADBP4-S2&ADSP4-S2

Cooling: Natural convection, no fans

Environmental rating of the housing: IP67


Communication (inverter to ECU): Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth

Insulation design: high frequency transformers, galvanically isolated

Energy management: Energy Management Analysis System (EMA)

How to perform the OTA upgrade for SOLIX MI80 micro inverter?

The maximum power limit of the micro inverter you received is 600W. Please follow the network configuration instructions. Once you've completed the process, go to the device's home page. Data there indicates successful networking. The system will automatically upgrade the device to 800W at the next boot. You can find the maximum performance value in the Anker app settings.

Note: The upgrade in Germany will begin as soon as local legislation changes, probably in a few months.

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